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Luckily or unluckily, year-old Mercy did not get the chance to make this decision. While recidivism is a real problem for those who have been incarcerated with a majority of released prisoners being re-arrested within three years, many criminals are not involved in crime after their release. What is it like to date a criminal?

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What are the pros and cons of dating a career criminal? What is it like to have a dominating wife? Why are criminals so proud of their title 'Criminal'? I'm in a position to choose friends and lovers carefully, so I do.

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Would you forgive a criminal record? Probably but not drugs that's too much for me to deal with.

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Their actions certainly speak differently than someone who intentionally commits a felony. I will be beginning the process of putting myself out there in the dating world in hopes of eventually entering a serious, committed relationship. Does having a criminal record make an individual less valuable than other individuals? I don't like to go after girls but I get mad at guys who go after the girls I passed up. The crime is in the past.

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Featured Videos Travel tips for couples. You may believe that when someone has done their time that they have paid the price for their crime. He ruined two dates with one really great guy I was seeing. Learn More at talkspace.

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Thank you Your feedback has been received. Related Newgrounds online dating More Answers Below What is a good way to bring up a criminal record when you are dating?

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No he's just a loser. His crime was bad.

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If upon analyzing someone you're interested in, you either come to realize or come to suspect that they may have been involved in some unsavory activities in the past, you should definitely look out for yourself but you should not necessarily discount the merits of this person.

At dating a criminal she was shocked and angry at him for betraying her trust and for putting their dating a criminal family in danger, but this changed when instead of the sympathy and support she expected, her friends and family turned against her.

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What makes a woman single or married choose to have an affair with a married man? Also close this question Not now Select.