Green bay packers online dating Singles interested in Green Bay Packer Green

Green bay packers online dating

A Buckeye would never date a Wolverine.

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There's going to be less new broadcast programming competing with Game 7. A Hurricane would never date a Gator or Seminole.

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View all posts by Reva Friedel. Red Sox and Yankees fans co-existing?

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There are male members vs. Could this be the next great trend in online dating? Or dating in general. Now, I will momentarily take my head out of the gutter and say that the group part could be to organize game watches, but the point is that the site is not limiting.

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She lives in Orange County and roots for zero California teams. Let me know when hell freezes over.

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Well, for Green Bay Packers fans, there is a new dating site, just for them. I just took a look at the site, and ladies, you have quite the advantage right now.

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I mean, I don't even know what to say about that. Nothing is more frustrating that trying to navigate the landmine that is online dating.

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For sports fans, often times, deal breakers come in the form of sports affiliations. And by the way, this site is everyone friendly — you can search for the same or opposite gender, couples or groups.

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