Hook up water heater with pex How To: Install a Water Heater Using SharkBite’s Water Heater Connectors

Hook up water heater with pex

I don't even install PEX, and would not connect it directly to the heater, but my comment was directed to those who wanted to differentiate between the requirement for gas and electric heaters. It does seem like it would be ok since they use the stuff for hydronic heating up north. Read the label to find the compatible fitting.

What About PEX vs. CPVC?

Do you really pipe the whole house with Fosta-Pex? If I ever do have a run of feet between bathrooms I'm sure it would be different but I doubt that's ever going to happen around here.

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You addded the cost of hanger,brackets etc If the customer is willing to pay the difference then I would install it for my customer. Someone found out that his enemies were going to place hemlock leaves in the salad to poison him, so he was advise to either not eat the salad or watch which leaves he did eat.

Half-inch PEX tubing costs about a third the price of copper. Fostapex has already taken care of that, the less expensive yet still high quality ultra pex can sit in the yard for 6 months without a problem.

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I also see a very small clique of anti pex folks who spend more time on message boards vs working in the field crying about our industry and how pex is the down fall of our profession. This is important for the durability requirements of ViegaPEX products. Quote I just read the article on the PEX in the current issue. Seems there are just some out there that hate change, oh well.

Which is Better - PEX or Copper?

Poly pipe use to require atleast 18" of copper from the water heater or it would dry rott. Our comprehensive range of plumbing fittings, water control valves and PEX pipe has made SharkBite the only total plumbing solution from meter to fixture. Since we have both extremes here, we take extra precautions. There are several methods.

Here is the code: The jobs I'm doing, pex costs more vs copper for materials but I like it better, I feel it's a superior product and sell it as such.

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Please, everyone read up on the owner of this site's hook up water heater with pex of view. But check with your plumbing inspector if you're planning to bury this connection in a wall or ceiling.

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So the reality is that the material cost unless the customer is a real cheap skate should not be a huge issue on most residential work. I see what happens when you tell the truth on here! My torch and solder will always have its place. Then the same thing happened with lead shower pans when other materials started to be used. Do I Need Special Tools?

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I was just pointing out how you cant just make 'Blanket statements" like the cost of materials is the same or close. This site is free and made possible by: We like the one-handed version shown in the photo because you can hold the ring in place with one hand while tightening it with the other.

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You can use white PEX supply for everything if you prefer. I have two bathrooms i want you to plumb. We don't need threads removed because of personal attacks.