How do i hook up my new thermostat Thermostat C Wire: Everything you need to know about the “common” wire

How do i hook up my new thermostat, how do i wire my thermostat?

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This is new work and there are no previous wires. Kevin on September 23, at So I think running a C wire should be as simple as attaching my Blue at both ends. And for the thermostat to function properly only if you have a mechanical non-digital thermostat. Additionally, see thermostat wiring color code chart to help with How to Wire a Thermostat.

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I have tried to plug the W wire into every available terminal to see if it would work. I replaced my old thermostat with a Nest 3rd generation.

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Manufacturer Thermostat Installation Manuals — manuals online or manualslib. Got a new one… Worked for how do i hook up my new thermostat 5 hrs then the same thing happened… Please help!

Green — The green wire connects to the fan.

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I intend to test new thermostat at the furnace with the solutions that you have given me before I try to pull the new wiring. Or I prefer to say in the morning because you can set it so the unit comes on just before you wake. Remove the face plate using a screwdriver or by pushing the pressure latch.

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Remove the battery tag from the back of the face plate and snap the face plate kpop idol secret dating the base.

And yes you can use that yellow wire along with white to C terminal on furnace. These are the four wires that you need to control the heat, cooling and the blower or fan. I hooked everything up as instructed but could not get Rh to have a higher voltage.

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I need a constant 24v circut and one to switch the boiler on an off…. I had to research and figure it out.

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Hey, Thanks a lot for writing this article. Additional answers to your questions concerning thermostats can be found here in our thermostat category index.

Method 1: Look at the wires behind your thermostat

It's going to take a little research on the owners part to declare what is involved with your heat pump system and verify proper color codes. And not just a dial on the wall that adjusts the temperature when they are not comfortable.

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But what if you have a system that's a little different like a Heat Pump System, Then your thermostat is going to be wired a little different as well. If the fan should be running, 24vac is sent back on the G wire. Factor this into your decision and if there is any doubt call a professional. The ones that are not successful end up calling a professional in to install a new thermostat.

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