Maytag refrigerator ice maker hookup How to Connect Water to a Maytag Refrigerator

Maytag refrigerator ice maker hookup

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Pull your refrigerator out from the wall. If you can't find the hookup itself, check the manual for your Maytag refrigerator. Repeat this process to connect the red-tipped black water tube and the red fitting.

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Switch to Threaded Mode. Make sure the water running to the water supply line is off. Disconnect the water dispenser tubing located on top of the door hinge.

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Water Supply Hookup Resources Maytag: Firmly pull on the clasp to release the tube, then pull the water tubing free. Phone Jack Hookup Problem.

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Today, she enjoys writing about weddings, legal issues, science, health and parenting. If they are opened all the way, the base grille will not come off.

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From the water valve you will have I assume it is a duel valve two more water lines leaving the valve, one for your ice maker and one to the water dispenser. The water supply hookup for Maytag refrigerators is usually located on the back of the refrigerator. Remove the base grille by removing the two screws, then pulling out on the outside corners.

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Locate both the water supply line behind your refrigerator and the hookup on the refrigerator itself. Repeat the process until you've filled and emptied approximately 3 gallons of water from your water refrigerator ice maker hookup. Stymied by window leakage problem.


The valve should have a copper connection, this is where the water line leaving the filter should go. Water Connection Style 1: Press the colored outer ring against the face of fitting and pull the water tubing free.

Disconnect the water tubing, located behind the base grille on the freezer door side. They are obviously somehow connected as water flowed from the plastic tubing into the water filter and out the elbow pipe.

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Reconnect the water dispenser tubing.